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First Name:FRANCES





Date of Birth:18 Oct 1996

Caps:89 CAPS

Goals:0 GOALS

A member of the gold medal-winning team at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Frances Davies will make her Olympics debut in Tokyo.

The Tauranga defender is a very quick and dynamic athlete who breaks the line coming out of defence with her ability to carry the ball. She also possesses a strong passing skillset.

Nickname: Fran

Town You Grew Up In: Tauranga

Currently Live In: Auckland

Occupation: Student

NHL Team: Midlands

Career High: Winning the Commonwealth Games

Career Low: Finishing 14th at the Junior World Cup

Age Started Playing Hockey: 10

Most Influential on your Career: My family they have always been supporting me and pushing me to get outside of my comfort zone

Playing Strength: Speed and Passing

Playing Weakness: Overheads

Hobbies: Being outdoors and hanging out with Friends

Favourite TV Show: Designated Survivor

Favourite Food: Asian

Favourite Music: Chill Music

Advice for Young Players: “Enjoy what you’re doing”

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