2019 Development Squads Named

Hockey New Zealand is pleased to announce the 2019 National Development Squads. Both squads feature a range of up and coming players and some experienced international players.

The Men’s Development Squad features 4¬†uncapped players, including Reuben Andrews (Midlands), Benjamin Edwards (North Harbour), Sam Hiha (Central) and Xavier Guy (North Harbour). The squad also sees Simon Child named as the most experienced player in the group.

The Women’s Development Squad features 7 uncapped players, including Madeleine Williamson (North Harbour), Alex Lukin (Midlands), Katie Doar (Auckland), Ella Hyatt-Brown (North Harbour), Holly Pearson (North Harbour), Hope Ralph (Central) and Kaitlin Cotter (Central). The most capped player in the group is Amy Robinson who has 56 caps for the Vantage Black Sticks Women.

Vantage Black Sticks Men’s Development Squad

Player Name Region Position Age Caps
Reuben Andrews Midlands Defender 20 0
Malachi Buschl Southern Midfielder 19 7
Dominic Dixon Central Goalkeeper 22 3
Matt Rees-Gibbs Midlands Defender 26 10
Benjamin Edwards North Harbour Defender 20 0
Kieran O’Connor Auckland Striker 23 7
Sam Hiha Central Striker 21 0
Xavier Guy North Harbour Striker 20 0
Simon Child Auckland Striker 30 274
Daniel Harris Capital Defender 22 0

Vantage Black Sticks Women’s Development Squad

Player Name Region Position Age Caps
Madeleine Williamson North Harbour Goalkeeper 21 0
Maddison Dowe Auckland Defender 21 8
Alex Lukin Midlands Defender 20 0
Katie Doar Auckland Midfielder 17 0
Ella Hyatt-Brown North Harbour Midfielder 21 0
Cat Tinning Canterbury Midfielder 22 4
Amy Robinson Midlands Midfielder 22 56
Holly Pearson North Harbour Midfielder 20 0
Hope Ralph Central Striker 18 0
Kaitlin Cotter Central Striker 17 0
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