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First Name:KANE





Date of Birth:22-Apr-92

Caps:172 CAPS

Goals:76 GOALS

Otago defender Kane Russell will be attending his second Olympics in Tokyo after making his Olympic debut in Rio 2016. He was a member of the team that won silver at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Russell is a powerful and explosive player with good elimination skills and he is the team’s number one drag flicker.

Nickname: Nos, Nossi

Town You Grew Up In: Karitane

Currently Live In: Antwerp

Occupation: Hockey Player

Career High: Scoring on debut

Career Low: Dropped in 2015

Age Started Playing Hockey: 6

Most Influential on your Career: Dave Ross. Coaches me as a young kid through to an adult and taught me a lot of what I know.

Playing Strength: Speed

Playing Weakness: Fitness

Hobbies: Golf

Favourite TV Show: Peaky Blinders, Vikings

Favourite Food: Mango

Favourite Music: Drum n Bass

Advice: You play as well as you train

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