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New Zealand's Premier Hockey Competition



Each of the 8 teams (4 men, 4 women) are comprised of 20 of New Zealand’s best hockey players, including Vantage Black Sticks players. In year 1 of the Sentinel Homes Premier Hockey League, the majority of players were selected for teams as protected local players and will play for the team where they have played representative hockey. The remaining players were selected via the Hockey Premier League draft.


A brand-new League means brand-new team identities. Thanks to Covid-19 and the quickly evolving world of live sport, we went on a 4-week journey to create 4 epic team identities that resonated with the people from those areas ready for the inaugural Sentinel Homes Premier Hockey League. The result of that journey was the Northern Tridents, Hauraki Mavericks, Central Falcons and the Southern Alpiners all sporting their own unique image and story.


The Northern Tridents were inspired by the connection the water has to that area. Spanning the mighty Auckland Harbour, the rugged Kaipara Coast, the expanse of Bream Bay to the stunning waters of the Bay of Islands and beyond, the people of this northern region are united by, and live for, the ocean. So what better identity to build a team around than the spirit of the TRIDENT, the iconic weapon of choice for Poseidon – the legendary God of the Sea.

Who are the Northern Tridents? Click here for the full team lists.


Everyone loves a Maverick! They are known for being highly creative, approach things differently, re-write the rules of the game and continuously come up with the unexpected. Never, ever do they give up on pursuing their goals. The Hauraki Mavericks cover the middle of the North Island, representing such a large area of people coming together as doers to work together and get the job done. One Team, One Dream.

Who are the Hauraki Mavericks? Click here for the full team lists.


Like the Native New Zealand Falcon, the Kārearea, the Central Falcons reside and represent the central North Island region. A region woven together by the majestic Central mountain ranges. Well known for their impeccable vision and aggressive speedy strikes, as a ‘bird of prey’ Falcons are unafraid of taking down targets bigger than themselves as are the Central Falcons.

Who are the Central Falcons? Click here for the full team lists.


As the first major code with an all-Mainland team, the Southern Alpiners are merged together by a giant iconic ‘zip’ – our majestic Southern Alps. The Southern Alps capture the spirit of who this team is as people, as players and as a team. They have enormous courage with resilience to deal with and overcome adversity. They pride themselves on uncompromising work ethic and desire to succeed. As a team, they relentlessly strive to reach new heights.

Who are the Southern Alpiners? Click here for the full team lists.